Mortal Kombat

Ajaya Barnhardt, Staff Writer

It’s officially another HBO Max movie that has been released, this one also available in theaters. This time the movie Mortal Kombat is out. Directed by Simon McQuoid this film takes the gory bloody movie to new heights. Mortal Kombat is a mystery tournament of ancient martial arts. In this movie our main character Cole Young is being hunted Out World’s best warrior Sub-Zero. 


I actually enjoyed this movie watching it with my dad pointing out all the different characters and the hint drops of others. I loved the action scenes and they didn’t focus on just the story they made sure they brought the video game to life. They dropped key lines and it was an adventure to watch. The best part was the fight scenes and the finishing moves. I would recommend this movie to anyone especially if you like action movies. I give this movie ⅘ stars


“I played a lot of Mortal Kombat growing up and the movie felt kind of like a love letter to people who played the games, but I can’t imagine those who don’t play the video game wouldn’t enjoy the movies lacking story and somewhat cringy script.” saysDj Delk-Grade 10


“Mortal Kombat was kind of rushed. The fighting scenes were crowded and it overall went too fast. It didn’t give enough time for the movie to spiral although it was an hour and 50 minutes long. I would recommend this movie if you don’t like sitting still to watch an action movie for very long.” says Shauntya Cox-Grade 10