Bethel student film wins the hearts of audiences at the Hollywood to Hampton competition

Posters for the short films featured at the Hollywood to Hampton Festival hosted by Next Generation Storytellers.
Posters for the short films featured at the Hollywood to Hampton Festival hosted by Next Generation Storytellers.

Aspiring Bethel student filmmakers won the Audience Choice Award for Fear The Fog, Bethel’s entry to the Hollywood to Hampton film competition hosted and sponsored by Next Generation Filmmakers on September 29th.

Marque of the historic American Theatre in Phoebus. (LB)

For the past year, students from all four Hampton high schools had the opportunity to work with Next Generation Filmmakers to create short films, and each school made a different movie to showcase at the Hollywood to Hampton competition, which concluded with a black tie premiere at the historic American Theater in Phoebus. 

Sandcastle, A Hampton High production 

Hampton’s short film, Sandcastle, highlighted the evolution and breakdown of a high school relationship.  It used flashbacks and flashforwards to capture the hardships and different obstacles teens face in relationships today. Because of the time skips, the film was at times hard to follow, but the ambition of the filmmakers was admirable. 


The Truth of Lies, a Phoebus High production

The Truth of Lies provided a straightforward tale of self-discovery and empathy. It felt very dramatic and at times a bit like a soap opera. It had a deep meaning for students who struggle with their mental health and also with students who are pressured to become someone they do not wish to be. The acting had a very proficient look that also made the truth of lies stand out more.


Fear the Fog, a Bethel High production

In contrast to the other films, Fear the Fog was an entry in the horror genre, featuring paranormal investigators who get more than they bargained for when searching a haunted building. The fact that this film actually took place in a haunted environment exhibits how much thought was put into the process. It was very intriguing to watch all the jumpscares. I’d say the talent of the actors would make me want to watch it again.

Krystal Jones


Click, a Kecoughtan High production

The festival concluded with Click, another entry in the coming of age category. This film also was inspiring, and it took more place inside of a student’s mind. This movie demonstrated that students can become anything by stepping outside of their comfort zone. It showed that anyone can succeed if they are willing to discover their own enjoyment, abilities, and more individuality within themselves. This film has displayed true emotion that was inspiring to the viewers.

One of four movies that was shot was in the horror genre, while the other three were all coming of age dramas. Thanks to Trent Garret and Jacob Young, all of the students were able to put in a lot of effort and gained more knowledge of the film industry. The actors and directors who worked on all of the short films have shown their commitment to their careers.

Audience members await the premiere of the short films. (LB)
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