Hampton Pirates cheerleaders hype the crowd before the game begins.
Hampton Pirates cheerleaders hype the crowd before the game begins.
Denise Penn

Learning from the pros at Armstrong Stadium

As we entered Armstrong Stadium, the home of the Hampton Pirates, we were met with a sense of anticipation and excitement. Hampton was about to face off against a ranked opponent, Delaware, on the football field. Why were we there? We were on a fact-finding mission, a mission to learn how college sporting events are broadcast.

Hampton University, also known as, “the home by the sea” by alumni and current students, has a school of journalism. On our trip, we talked to students and journalists about the processes used for sports broadcasting specifically.

Editor Krystal Jones interviews the media director for game broadcasting at Armstrong Stadium. (Denise Penn)

It’s a process that takes a lot of people. You have the journalist by or in other cases on the field taking pictures of the players, sport announcers who know the players on the field and updating each time a play is made. Even the people behind the scenes making sure everything is up and running correctly. 

During this trip, I had a chance to take pictures of the game, the band and a fellow staff member interviewing onlookers and people of interest. It was a hands-on experience for us. 

One of the things that stood out to me was a quote from an interview with Vaughan Moss, “If it doesn’t happen on social media, it’s almost like it didn’t exist.” Which in context is used for saying that in this day and age people use their phones to check sports scores and how important it is for digital media to be explored and used.

Krystal Jones chats with Principal Travis Oliver and Dr. Richard Mason, the Chair of the Hampton City School Board. (Denise Penn)

Another good quote from a separate interview with our tour guide is “What makes a difference between a good and bad broadcast is going to be talent but a lot of times too, if they have not given great information or good enough information from that sports information staff they’re set to fail.” You can always do what you want with an article but if you aren’t given enough or the right type of information it won’t be complete.


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  • Hampton’s award-winning band marches into Armstrong Stadium.

  • The drum line of the Hampton Pirate’s band prepares to play.

  • The color guard wave their flags in the pre-game performance.

  • Hampton Pirates warm up before kick-off.

  • The opposing team prepares for kick off against the Hampton Pirates.

  • Hampton Pirates prepare for kick-off.

  • The Hampton Pirates face off against their opponents the University of Delaware’s Fightin’ Blue Hens.

  • Bear Facts staff pose for a photo with Dr. Richard Mason, the Chair of Hampton City School Board.

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Denise Penn
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