A fitting, sentimental curtain call for The Guardians of the Galaxy

Morgan Stanislaus

The final chapter, the perfect ending, the final curtain– all ways I’d describe the final part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Trilogy. This film didn’t disappoint with its decorative and fun soundtrack, attention to detail and previous fan favorite moments, and humor-filled dialogue. Director James Gunn found a way to make a hilarious, yet touching movie that displayed some of the dark aspects of how people become who they are; what makes them who they are today.

The movie was focused around my favorite character in the trilogy, Rocket the Raccoon. It was a peek into his unknown and cruel past where we find out a little more about his character arc. This glimpse into Rocket’s past showed us why he can be so sensitive on topics referring to where he came from or his species and especially why he cares so deeply about the fellow Guardians being his only family. Learning more about his past unlocked secrets within the past creations throughout the galaxy, introducing several new characters and villains, such as Will Poulter who played Adam Warlock and his Master, The High Evolutionary played by Chukwudi Iwuji. The introduction of The High Evolutionary and his clear obsession with creating the universe’s first “perfect” species opens a door of confusion for not just the guardians– but for the entire galaxy. The High Evolutionary sends Adam Warlock to kill the Guardians of the Galaxy and to retrieve Rocket the Racoon, as he is the closest experiment to The High Evolutionary’s goal of a “perfect” species. 

Based on the trailer and my previously little knowledge on Adam Warlock, I was excited just off of the short glimpses we were able to receive of him during the trailer. However, his character is much more different than I expected him to be in the trailer. He has a very different past, personality, and hardships than I assumed he would have, and I’m not sure if that was purposeful on behalf of Marvel or not. Matter of fact, when going into the film, I figured Adam Warlock was the biggest conflict throughout the story’s plot. After having seen the film, I can confidently and firmly convey that The High Evolutionary is the biggest antagonist of the film, especially since he is Adam Warlock’s creator himself and the one who sent Warlock after the Guardians in the first place. 

Introductions to new characters, let alone villains, within the Marvel Cinematic Universe have always been a hit or miss. Fans will either love the new character’s arc and what they bring to that particular film or they will ultimately drag the writers and producers of Sony and Marvel for adding such a “waste of time” when we could’ve instead had something the fans have been begging for for years. The High Evolutionary was a good villain because he specifically targeted a fan-favorite marvel character. He was entirely focused on Rocket and his incessant and idiotic need to be the creating this “better” society and receiving the sole credit for it. Other than that, I think we know nothing about him nor how he became the villain we saw in volume 3 nor do I necessarily care to see more of him. The High Evolutionary was a great character for one film, not necessarily for an entire franchise or even an entire saga or trilogy. He was a good villain because, without him we wouldn’t have learned more about Rocket on that deep of a level with that much details as us Marvel fans have been begging for.

One of my favorite parts of the films are their humor and the soundtrack, which most of the time go hand in hand. The perfectly-crafted and paced jokes go accordingly with a song that fits the mood and feeling of the scene. The soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy is known to always correctly exemplify the character’s emotions through lyrics or just the overall vibe the music brings to the scene. The soundtrack and score of Guardians of the Galaxy are both things I can listen to and enjoy in my free time– they are simply well-executed and thought out. This characteristic works for the humor and comedic timing presented throughout the film as well. The witty details and inside jokes we witness between the main characters is what makes the movie special.You can tell this minute details mean so much to the Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy fandom due to the continuous amounts of fan theories, edits, and relationships created from them. The comedic element, although a forefront within the films, remains an addition to plot while still keeping the unique story lines and drama of the films. 

As a huge Marvel fan, especially to the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, I can firmly state that this movie did not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. James Gunn did what he usually did in being able to whole-heartedly capture the audience’s hearts through the deep emotions portrayed within each of the characters. The ability to make viewers cry based off of a song conveying to a scene is truly something special that these films have never lacked. The introduction to new characters, specifically villains was well throughout and appeased the reviews of harsh Marvel fans. The long-awaited story of Rocket the Racoon finally being completely and conveyed on a deeper level towards the audience was perfectly done. From the new Adam Warlock and The High Evolutionary to the unique return of Gamora, James Gunn has made yet another well -articulated Marvel movie with A-level comedy, a wonderful and lively soundtrack, and with a star-studded and well-loved cast.