Gov. Youngkin lifts mask mandate, raising student concerns


Bear Facts Staff, Contributing Editors

Over the weekend, newly sworn-in Governor Glenn Youngkin issued Executive Order #2, which declares parents now have the right to decide if their child will wear a mask to school. “Recent government orders requiring virtually every child in Virginia wear masks virtually every moment they are in school,” the order reads,  “have proven ineffective and impractical.”

On hearing the mask mandate is being lifted, a number of students here at BHS have expressed concerns. “It’s very reckless and honestly dangerous,” one student shared. “Many people in Virginia are high risk, myself and my grandma included.”  Another student added, “ Letting my parents choose whether I should wear a mask [is unfair]; a mask is my choice not theirs.” 

Several school districts have already indicated they will not follow Executive Order #2, citing concerns about student health and staff retention. The Hampton City school board has not yet issued a response to the new order. If Hampton City Schools does not  opt-out, then the mask mandate will end on January 24th.