Astroworld, A Catastrophe

Morgan Stanislaus, Staff Writer

Joelle Baker, 10th grade Bethel Student and Mrs. Spry, English teacher were interviewed on the topic of Travis Scott’s recent “Astrofest.” The festival created by the famous rapper caused the death of 9 people and injured hundreds. When asked if knowing Travis Scott, Joelle Baker answered ”Since I was in like 3rd grade, in about 2014. So about 7 years or so.”  Mrs. Spry claimed, “I think I’ve known of him for at least a year.” When asked how the situation could’ve been present both peers answered very similarly. Baker stated “I think he could’ve prevented it by helping fans when they asked. When hearing screams, seeing bodies being carried out, and seeing ambulances he should have felt something was wrong and stopped the concert more. He had the power to stop it and simply didn’t.” Spry responded, “He had the physical ability to stop the show and didn’t, which leads me to believe he doesn’t really value the life of his fans as much as he should.” Spry and Baker also both agreed that they thought Scott’s apology didn’t seem genuine. Baker specifically said, “I feel as though the apology wasn’t serious or sincere. I have seen numerous apologies for influencers and celebrities in the wrong where they have been apologetic and remorseful and this was not it.”

Next, I asked both of my peers to answer if they thought that Travis Scott should’ve been able to have a show since this wasn’t his first offense with having a show that killed or severely injured his fans. Spry simply responded, “No. I think they should’ve corrected these issues prior to this new show and then people wouldn’t have died or been injured.” Baker also stated a nearly identical statement. Following these questions, I targeted the questions towards the effects of the festival and its aftermath. To conclude, both of the individuals I interviewed were on almost identical pages. They both believe Travis Scott was wrong and needs to be held accountable. They also agreed that when he was held accountable, his apology didn’t seem genuine, and hasn’t done enough to help the families who have experienced loss due to his recklessness.