A Season of Success


JV Volleyball 2021

Talor Cowell, Staff Writer

This season for me was a fun experience because there was so much going on this season there was stuff we needed to work on. This season our record was we won 9 games and lost 10 and we were close to making it to regionals, because one of the teams their record as they won 10 games and lost 9 of them, so if we would have used more communication and other skills I feel like we would have been ok and won a lot more games. I feel like some of the teams we lost against shouldn’t have been the case that we lost, because we were capable of winning against some of those teams. We were really capable of winning because we played each team twice and we saw how they played but it was the fact that we got down on ourselves as soon as we made a mistake and we started getting mad at each other instead of saying it’s good to shake it off. But overall the season was good, could have been better but I loved learning how to play the rules of the game.


My two teammates stated that they found it interesting how people can be attached to volleyball emotionally, and how the game was played. They wished that we worked more on rotations so that when we come back next year we know how to be successful. They chose volleyball because it’s a sport that makes them feel happy. They also enjoyed meeting people with the same common interest and enjoyed having team building. Both of them really enjoyed team bonding because we are different from them and it was fun to see the dynamics that came out of it. They both didn’t like the fact of losing and having a short season. It opens your mind to other opinions while having something in common, and it was a very fun experience. Having to say bye to the seniors this year and learning many new skills. They felt like we played well against each team, But the ones we had a tie against or won a set against were good and we felt like we played Menchville the best this year. They said the team could have worked on communication when the ball was coming down in between two people and wished we played six on six to learn to be scrappy like the other teams.