Surprising 9 out of 10 BHS students believe in ghosts


Paranormal Activity

Jahlil Winston

October is the month for all things scary. During the month of October people more frequently report ghost sitings. Halloween for young children is a day to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. For those who aren’t trick or treating, they may be seeking other thrills. While people focus more on spirits during the month of October, some students seek interest all throughout the year. 

A survey done in a Bethel High School classroom revealed that 95% of students believe in ghosts. A large majority of students confirmed that they watch videos related to supernatural sitings. Many students even divulged they have had experiences with ghosts personally. Some students shared stories of paranormal activities not necessarily all in conjunction with the siting of spirits. Kylie Milligan, senior at Bethel High School, shared an experience from her young adolescence in which she and some friends played “Cat Scratch Game” in which they attempted to conjure spirits and were successful. Kylie reported “paranormal activity” for years after this incident. Numerous other students reported experiencing sitings in their homes. Kelis Carter, a senior at Bethel High School, shared while she does not live in an old home, she lives “near the site of the battle of Big Bethel.”  

Students who want further education on paranormal activities can find resources on the Travel Channel, Youtube, and many other streaming services.