World Cancer Day

Adonai Ross, Staff Writer

February has a lot of important days in it. There is one day in particular that is very important and should be talked about more, and that is World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day is on February 4th and it is a very special day for all kinds of people who have had or who have cancer to celebrate or spread awareness. 


World Cancer Day originated in 2000 at the first World Summit that was held in Paris. On this day several leaders of government agencies and cancer organizations from around the world signed the Charter of Paris Cancer. It was intended to increase global awareness about cancer. 


World Cancer Day has official colors which are blue and orange. They also have ribbons to represent different kinds of cancers. If you want to represent and spread awareness for all cancers you can wear a multi-colored ribbon or a lavender. But if you want to represent a specific type of cancer with a ribbon here are tier colors and their meanings:


  • Pink: Breast cancer
  • Amber: Appendix cancer
  • Grey: Brain cancer

    Photo Credit-
    Shauntya Cox Tenth Grade
  • Gold: Childhood cancer
  • Dark Blue: Colon cancer
  • Orange: Kidney cancer/Leukemia 
  • Purple: Pancreatic cancer
  • Teal: Ovarian cancer
  • Light Blue: Prostate cancer
  • White: Lung cancer/Cervical cancer
  • Violet: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Emerald: Liver cancer
  • Black: Melanoma cancer
  • Yellow: Bone cancer
  • Purple: Bladder cancer


February 4th is a really important day and is a day where everyone should be trying to spread awareness. D’Asia Webster, an 11th grader from our school agrees: “Yes, people die and suffer from cancer every day. Bringing awareness can cause people to donate to charities and organizations to help fight cancer and provide funding for cure research.” Many Bethel students as well as faculty and staff have had their lives impacted by cancer. Cancer is an ugly disease and one that should never be fought alone. 

Another way to raise awareness would be to participate in the MAD Academy community service project currently going on. Students are encouraged to submit a poster design to be recreated and used in a local oncology office. Some of the work submitted by students can be seen featured above. For more information please contact Gayle Smith at [email protected].