The Outbreak of the Corona Virus

Angelo Hunt, Staff Writer

The Corona Virus outbreak started in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China but has begun to rapidly spread to different countries. The virus is linked to a number of seafood and animal markets suggesting that the illness is an animal-to-person spread. The virus is mainly confined in China but the virus has reached as far as Australia, France, Germany, Finland, the UK, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and the US. Altogether so there have been 170 fatalities. The Chinese government has put Wuhan under quarantine and any other place in China that has been detected of having the illness. The virus reached the US when a traveler had come back from visiting Wuhan on January 15, 2020. The man is now being isolated at a medical center. They are trying to keep the virus contained.   

The heath teachers and nurses at Bethel gave advice on what type of precautions we all should take to prevent from catching the Corona virus. You would have to do the same as you would if you had the flu or a cold. Make sure to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, when you cough do it into your arm. Make sure that when you’re traveling take extra precautions because you don’t know if there could be something going around. Everyone needs to watch out for cold or flu-like symptoms.

There is a vaccine being made and could be tested as soon as April. The vaccination will be tested in animals and will go through early-stage trials with people. Unfortunately, the virus may have spread too far to contain regular public health measures. Over 1,000 people have received different versions of the mRNA vaccines.