Representing America: Why Students Should Stand for the Pledge

Kelvin Mccaffity Jr., Staff Reporter

In today’s age, people have forgotten something that is important in representing American history, and that is the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. The American flag itself goes back to the 1700s where America was trying to gain its independence. The pledge is something every student in school should know growing up. People in the military fight for the Pledge and the flag every day, and we need to support them. However, some people think it’s against our rights as Americans to stand for the Pledge or flag; but in today’s world, everyone in America and American schools should stand for the pledge.

The days when Americans were trying to gain their independence were hard ones, but they were ultimately united under the American flag and beat the British. That flag showed the world that America is independent and it unified the 13 American colonies. The history of the flag is extensive; however, it brought together everyone and showed that America is a strong, large community that honored their flag. Kids in American schools should know the history of the flag and honor what it stands for. We should show people around the world that we are one and bonded under the flag.

The military itself is one of our key protectors of our freedom and keeper of our rights. The military takes great precaution in the way they treat the flag and how they salute it. As military personnel, you have to know how to honor the flag, and if you don’t, you will face repercussions. The military and government are trying to remind us what the flag and pledge represent to our freedom.

Students in schools in the United States of America should stand for the Pledge and represent what America has been through, so we can get to that point of freedom. We the people should understand what constitutional rights Americans have and understand that the flag and Pledge of Allegiance represent.  We need to ensure that the next generation and the ones after know why we stand for the Pledge and honor the flag.