Academies Promote My Future, My Journey


Photo Courtesy: Remy Nolasco

Kayla James, Copy Editor

On December 4th, 9th graders at Bethel High School were given the opportunity to preview each of the academies offered at Bethel.  According to Freshman Academy assistant principal James Harris, the preview gave new students “exposure to all academies, pathway courses, hands-on demonstrations, and first-hand experiences.”  This year the Media Arts and Design (MAD)  and Transportation, Analytics, and Logistics Academy (TRAIL) were introduced at BHS.  Sherry Hildebrandt, Academy Coach, stated that students with an interest in digital media or journalism can enroll in the MAD Academy. Students who are more analytical with a desire to “manage data people or money,” could build their skills in the TRAIL Academy.

Other available academies to choose from are: the Governor’s Health and Science Academy, the Academy of Law and Public Safety (ALPS), and of course the Freshman Academy.  Over the last two years, new students have been given the opportunity to choose a career path that interests them. As each new class enters Bethel High School, increased efforts are made to raise student awareness on the academy opportunities and new career pathway courses.

“I think Bethel’s current students can make an informed decision about the academies that are available at Bethel,” Gregory Hopson, the assistant principal of  ALPS said.

The academies of Bethel High School will be featured again on January 31st at 6pm for the Rising Ninth Grade night.  “I hope that our students will be excited about our academies and chose one to be their academy,” said Dorothy Garrity, assistant principal of the Governor’s Health and Science Academy.