Fly By Friday


Ms. Smith and Mr. Coleman, MAD Academy Teachers

Shauntya Cox, Staff Writer

The MAD Academy, Bethel’s own Academy for Media Arts and Design, held a celebration for the completion of the 1st quarter. This included all MAD academy students and teachers. It was held at Bethel on Friday, November 20th, 2020, and allowed the students in the MAD Academy to drive by from 1 to 3 p.m. and pick up a goodie bag. Students also received an envelope including an AMAD certificate and a page of messages from teachers in the academy explaining how proud they are of the students and their feelings. This event had a great turnout and caused joy to many students and teachers. The occasion enabled students and teachers to see each other face to face with the interference of social distancing.

Students enjoyed the time and treats given by their teachers. For instance, Koree’ Grant, a junior, stated, “I thought it was cool. I like the certificate and the candy they gave. It was nice to see the teachers out there.” The teachers took time out of their busy schedules to give a warm welcome to the students. Carolyn Brown, a sophomore says, “I liked the small bag of candy and being able to see my teachers.” The goodie bags included five various pieces of candy. Mrs. Spry, a honors English teacher uttered, “Fly by Friday was a joint effort by everyone on the MAD Academy team. My favorite part was seeing all my students’ smiling faces, and I would say the MAD Academy team would echo this. I’m looking forward to all our future events.”