BHS Swim Team

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Photo Courtesy of Lifetouch 

Top row: Ronald Johnson, Ashleigh Smith, Raven Campbell, Demetrius Wofford, Ruben Volk, Khacy Evans, Jacob Manire, Autumn Fisher, Chad Rodriguez

Second row: Kristen Gainey, Taylor Ferrer, Jeremiah Scales, Emily Britt, Emily Paulette, Cheyenne Alvarez, Alanna Durruty, Justin Santos

Third row: Juliani Dabney, Lauryn Gray, Kamaree Foster, Tamara Cullen, Michah Tolley, Hannah Martinenza, Octavia Carson, Tierra Bennett, Brianna Oglesby

Last row: Coach Haynes, Gabrielle Jones, Ashley Coronado, Kayla James, Nha Huynh, Jesslynn Ayotte, Hailee White, Alicia Rivera, Nylah Hale, Coach Miura