Photo Courtesy of Vince Brown
Photo Courtesy of Vince Brown

Football Signing Fulfills Hopes

February 20, 2019

Many high school seniors stress about ways to pay for college. Luckily for Josiah Hill, all his worries have been paid for. On National Signing Day, Hill committed to play defensive end at the Apprentice School in Newport News under the leadership of head football coach John Davis. 

Hill is grateful he’s able to do the two things he loves: play football and receive his education. However, during his sophomore year, Hill found out he had knee problems.  “Both of my knee caps were out of place, I thought it was a knee sprain, turns out my patella was out of place,” said Hill. It took 3 months for each knee to fully recover. When Hill was able to play again, he wasn’t confident in himself. But with the help of his girlfriend, senior Tamaya Wiggins, Hill gained back his confidence. According to Hill, Wiggins is his biggest supporter on and off the field, and she always helps him keep his “head up high.”

Aside from playing football, Hill has a passion for engineering that he will be able to pursue at the Apprentice School. Although he enjoys playing football, his main priority was getting scouted to have his education taken care of. “I don’t want to go pro. If the opportunity comes I’ll take it. However, I’m more into engineering. Engineering is a broad field, you get to work in many different departments and it lasts longer than football,” said Hill.

Hill, along with other Bethel seniors and student athletes, will graduate June 15th. Then, he will continue his journey towards success. 


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