What are the Bruins Binging?

Bruins Top Anime Shows

Ajaya Barnhardt, Staff Writer

Are you running out of shows to watch on netflix? Do you like to watch anime? Here are Bethel High School students’ top 5 anime to watch!


Number 1: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden


Do you like ninjas? Well Naruto is the perfect show for you. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks recognition from his fellow ninja pals. Naruto brings the idea of believing and successful to be the best ninja. 


Number 2: Attack on Titan

Enjoy watching giants fighting? AOT might be the show for you. It’s set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by enormous walls that protect citizens from gigantic man-eating Titans. The story takes you a trip hitting your emotions of Eren and his survival to help protect humanity


Number 3: My Hero Academia

Do you like superhero heroes? My Hero Academia will be the show for you. The main character Izuku midoriya strives to be the number one hero.My Hero Academia is about a quirkless boy who gains a quirk from his idol All Might and works hard in a hero school to become the number one hero, just like his idol His idol All Might has been his biggest inspiration. “I like the action” Koree Grant, Junior.

Number 4: Fairy Tail

Like magic powers? Well Fairytail is for you. The guild Fairy Tail goes on many adventures and fights many enemies but never strives away from friends and family. “Fairy Tail was good for the characters” Ashanti Bolt, Junior.


Number 5: Death Note


Like a little mystery? Death note is full of it. The main character Light comes into contact with a book called the Death Note and figures out the powers of it. Now that he has it creates many enemies for Light. “It’s not a bad show, I like the storyline. Mysterious” Carolyn Brown, Sophomore.