Dear Depersonalized Person

Giving The Bear Facts, Advice Columnist

Dear Bethel Bear Facts,

I haven’t been feeling myself ever since this quarantine. I’m trying to better myself as a person but I can’t seem to kick this funk I am in.


Depersonalized Person


 Dear Depersonalized Person,

Whenever I feel like I’m losing myself I get a pen and paper (or just pull out my computer) and write/type down my life timeline. Not only does that wake my consciousness, writing down the events in my life that have already happened and that have shaped or affected me. For example, when life brings problems or misfortunes it shapes our belief system and makes us think differently, but it also makes us us. And don’t forget to rely on yourself! Nobody knows you more than you know you! So, be extreme and keep your crown like Miss Irene of the Athens Byzantine Empire. And if you don’t know her, google what she did sis. Draw a difference between the way you think and the way others think. 


Bethel Bear Facts