Renovations Around Bethel


Back Gym

The construction around Bethel High was started back in the early part of the school year in 2019. It was at this time that workers started to come in and take measurements around the cafeteria for renovations that would be taking place later that year. The idea to start renovations came from a man named Dr. Bouldin who works in the central office, he’s the one who proposed the contracts. All of Hampton high schools have had renovations or are currently being renovated. 

During an interview of Mr. Hopson, Bethel assistant principal reflected on the renovations and exclaimed that, “It’s amazing.”

One of the first renovations they started on was the cafeteria. They started coming in and measuring around the cafeteria in the early school year of 2019. Later, in early 2020, they came in and actually started removing all of the old raggedy lunch tables, they were replaced with brand new low and high top leveled lunch tables. The new tables that were added also were marked with the Bethel Bruins logo. 

The next renovation to be done was in the back gym. It was completely gutted out, the ripped up all of the floors, and replaced it with brand new flooring half of which is for a basketball court, and the other half is for the weight lifting part where they put the Bethel Bruins logo on it. They also tossed all of the old equipment and replaced it with brand new weights and a greater variety of equipment.

One of the last changes made to the building was in Mrs. May’s room, it was made into a courtroom. Like the others it was all stripped down and the walls were replaced and the furniture was replaced with the likes of courtroom furniture. Since Mrs. May’s room#430 was made into a courtroom she had to have her room moved to Mrs. Rice’s formal room #107. As per usual with these renovations the room was gutted out completely. It was repainted, the floor was ripped up and replaced, they practically rebuilt Mrs. May’s old room but upgraded some things. They added medical bays and brand new amazing high quality promethean boards.

The last renovation made to Bethel High was to the senior room. It was completely repainted, they added new paneling which makes it look like a college lunchroom. They also added new tables that are set at different heights for people’s comfort/preference.