Bear Facts News

2019-2020 Staff

Sade Hibbert


Hey, my name is Sadé Hibbert and I am the Editor- in-Chief  for the Bethel Bear Facts. I’m an Aquarius and I like bright colors because they remind me of summer! 

Angelo Hunt

Deputy Editor in Training

My name is Angelo Hunt and I am 17 years old. I have 5 siblings and including myself: 6. I plan to work on stories with my group being called myself deputy chief and editor  ...

Ajaya-Kamari Barnhardt

Social Media Coordinator

Hello, I’m Ajaya-Kamari but everyone just calls me AJ. I’m in the junior class and will graduate in 2021.  I love reading, writing, and hanging out with my friends. I can be a hyper social butterfly but I’m always look...

Natasia Holland

Photography Editor

Hello, my name is Natasia Holland I am a Junior at Bethel High School and I am also Photo editor of the Bethel Bear Facts. I enjoy taking pictures to express myself without words and I am very outgoing and talkative....

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